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A portion of the information on this page was received from relatives through different means. I am currrently working on verifying these lines. Keep in mind that some of the information could be incorrect. Please, if you have any questions, write me.
Kathy Esposito


(1) Charles M. Sheppard (bef 1885 - 1955)
b. bef 1885, Centerville, PA
d. 1955, Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH
& Mary E. Whittington (3 Oct 1886 - 25 Jan 1973)
b. 3 Oct 1886, Buena Vista, PA
d. 25 Jan 1973, Northside Hospital, Youngstown, OH
m. 1908
|----(2) Anne Sheppard
|----b. McKeesport, Alleghany Co., PA
|----& Jack Or John Bryce
|----|----(3) Edna Maye Bryce
|----|----& Elmer
|----|----|----(4) Debbie
|----|----|----(4) Raymond
|----(2) Mark Dale Sheppard*
|----b. McKeesport, Alleghany Co., PA
|----& Margaret Elizabeth "Elizabeth Or Biss" Bond (4 Nov 1921 - 6 Jul 1986)
|----b. 4 Nov 1921, Glenn Campbell, PA, Indiana CO.
|----d. 6 Jul 1986, Youngstown, OH
|----m. 26 Jun 1940
|----|----(3) Nancy Lee Sheppard
|----|----b. Youngstown, OH
|----|----& Edward Myron "Eddie Or Ed" Esposito Sr.
|----|----b. Youngstown, OH
|----|----m. 14 Oct 1961, St. Johns Episcopal Church, Youngstown, Ohio
|----|----|----(4) Edward Myron "Eddie" Esposito Jr.
|----|----|----b. Youngstown, OH
|----|----|----& Kathleen Mary "Kathy" Reuter
|----|----|----b. Dayton, Ohio
|----|----|----m. 25 May 1985, St. Rose Church, Mahoning Co., Girard OH
|----|----|----|----(5) Anthony Edward Esposito
|----|----|----|----b. Dayton, Ohio
|----|----|----(4) Scott Allan "Scotty" Esposito
|----|----|----b. Youngstown, Ohio
|----|----|----& Elizabeth "Beth" McNicholas
|----|----|----(4) Christine Elizabeth "Crissy" Esposito
|----|----|----b. Youngstown, Ohio
|----|----|----& Michael "Mike" Crosby
|----|----|----m. 22 Jun 1996, Riverside Gardens, Millcreek Park, Youngstown, OH
|----|----|----(4) Laura Lyn "Laurie" Esposito*
|----|----|----b. Youngstown, Ohio
|----|----|----& Raymond Parnell Clark
|----|----|----m. 18 Dec 1993, Girard, OH
|----|----|----(4) Laura Lyn "Laurie" Esposito*
|----|----|----b. Youngstown, Ohio
|----|----|----& Herbert James "James" Harley
|----|----|----m. 16 Jun 1997, Ridgeland S.C.
|----|----(3) Raymond Dale "Dale" Sheppard
|----|----b. Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH
|----|----& Linda Joy Markusic?
|----|----|----(4) Raymond Dale "Ray" Sheppard Jr.
|----|----|----(4) Kathy Sheppard
|----(2) Mark Dale Sheppard*
|----b. McKeesport, Alleghany Co., PA
|----& Elsie
|----(2) Mary Ella Sheppard
|----b. McKeesport, Alleghany Co., PA
|----& Donald Hepler
|----(2) Margerite? Sheppard
|----& Marsteller


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Kathleen M. Esposito

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